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Transcript Summary

One transcript belonging to a gene is shown below. For more splice variants, go to the Gene Summary view by clicking on the Gene tab. Transcript IDs in Ensembl begin with ENST for human. A three-letter code is inserted for non-human species. (For example, ENSMUST... is a mouse transcript). For information about colours and sources of transcripts, see the Gene Summary help. For more detail on annotation, see articles listed here.

Quick guide to transcript diagram

Boxes are exons and lines connecting boxes are introns. Filled or darkened boxes are coding sequence, whereas empty, unfilled boxes are UTR (untranslated region).

Transcript status

  • Known transcript has a sequence match outside Ensembl for the same species.
  • Novel transcript has a sequence match outside Ensembl for an alternate species. (Can be read as novel gene or transcript for this species).
  • Merged transcript is known, and has another layer of confidence. An identical coding sequence (CDS) to the Ensembl prediction has been determined by the VEGA project. This transcript can be thought of as reviewed or curated.
  • VEGA/Havana transcript is determined through manual curation (VEGA) only.
Read about gene annotation and the CCDS set here.