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The species to which this karyotype refers is shown in the top left corner of the web page.

Clicking on the karyotype, brings a menu which allows you to jump to the specified location (Region in detail).

Below the karyotype are statistics for:

  • Assembly- Version of the genomic assembly shown. (The source of the assembly can be found on the species index page)
  • Database version- what the database is named in this release.
  • Base pairs- The total number of base pairs in the genomic assembly (or the sum of all sequences in the dna table of the core database.) This includes haplotypic regions and the pseudo-autosomal (PAR) region of the Y chromosome in human.
  • Golden path- the length, including gaps, of the genome. This is the sum of all top-level sequences in the seq_region table, omitting haplotypes and PARs.
  • Genebuild- The source, start and release dates of the geneset are shown,along with date of recent updates.
For the remaining statistics, see this help page.