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This view displays information about a particular chromosome map marker or sequence tagged site (STS). Markers are normally defined by a pair of primers and the size of the product that is expected if the primers are used in a PCR experiment.

  • Location - shows the location in the assembly to which the marker has been mapped by Ensembl. Mapping is based on the program 'e-PCR'. For some markers, 'e-PCR' finds multiple locations: the multiple locations are stored but these markers are not displayed in Region overview. You may want to exercise caution if planning experiments using such markers.

    Clicking on the location takes you to a display of the region. Clicking on the chromosome number takes you to the relevant Marker page.

    Clicking on 'Export location data' allows you to export the marker sequence plus 1000 bp on either side.

  • Source - shows selected identifiers, and the corresponding database source, for the marker. Clicking on the identifier takes you to an appropriate page in that external database. Where possible, links are provided to NCBI UniSTS, Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) and the Rat Genome Database (RGD).

  • Synonyms - shows other names that appear to correspond to the same marker.

  • Primers - shows the two primers that define the marker, and the expected size of the PCR product.