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To update this configuration, select your tracks and other options in the box above and close this popup window. Your view will then be updated automatically.

Reset configuration for Main panel to default settings.


  • To change whether a track is drawn OR how it is drawn, click on the icon by the track name and then select the way the track is to be rendered.
  • On the left hand side of the page the number of tracks in a menu, and the number of tracks currently turned on from that menu are shown by the two numbers in parentheses (tracks on/total tracks).
  • Certain tracks displayed come from user-supplied or external data sources, these are clearly marked as DAS (Distributed Annotation Sources), URL (UCSC style web resources) or User data uploaded by yourself or another user.

    Please note that the content of these tracks is not the responsibility of the Ensembl project.

    In the case of URL based or DAS tracks may either slow down your ensembl browsing experience OR may be unavailable as these are served and stored from other servers elsewhere on the Internet.