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e.g. gene BRCA2 or AL032821.2.1.143563 or muscular dystrophy


Homo sapiens

This release is based on the NCBI 36 assembly of the human genome [November 2005]. The data consists of a reference assembly of the complete genome plus the Celera WGS and a number of alternative assemblies of individual haplotypic chromosomes or regions. Full list of assemblies →

The International Human Genome Sequencing Consortium have published their scientific analysis of the finished human genome.

Assembly Update

The GRCh37 high coverage assembly of the human genome from the Genome Reference Consortium will be included in release 55 of Ensembl. A preliminary version of this assembly is available in Ensembl Pre!


Since release 38 (April 2006) the gene annotation presented has been a combined Ensembl-Havana, geneset which incorporates more than 18,000 full-length protein-coding transcripts annotated by the Havana team with the Ensembl automatic gene build. The human genome sequence is now considered sufficiently stable that since 2004 the major genome browsers have come together to produce a common set of identifiers where CDS annotations of transcripts can be agreed and these identifiers are also shown.

The ENCODE (ENCyclopedia Of DNA Elements) project aims to find functional elements in the human genome.

Vega logo Additional manual annotation of this genome can be found in Vega