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Transcript: FOXP2-202 (ENST00000393489)

Forkhead box protein P2 (CAG repeat protein 44)(Trinucleotide repeat-containing gene 10 protein) [Source:UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot;Acc:O15409]

Chromosome 7: 113,842,288-114,118,328 forward strand.

This transcript is a product of gene ENSG00000128573 - There are 15 transcripts in this gene:

Name Transcript ID Protein ID Description
FOXP2-001 ENST00000350908 ENSP00000265436 protein_coding
FOXP2-004 ENST00000393500 ENSP00000377137 protein_coding
FOXP2-005 ENST00000393498 ENSP00000377135 protein_coding
FOXP2-007 ENST00000403559 ENSP00000385069 protein_coding
FOXP2-010 ENST00000378237 ENSP00000367482 protein_coding
FOXP2-014 ENST00000393494 ENSP00000377132 protein_coding
FOXP2-016 ENST00000390668 ENSP00000375084 protein_coding
FOXP2-017 ENST00000360232 ENSP00000353367 protein_coding
FOXP2-201 ENST00000324462 ENSP00000319424 protein_coding
FOXP2-202 ENST00000393489 ENSP00000377129 protein_coding
FOXP2-203 ENST00000393491 ENSP00000377130 protein_coding
FOXP2-204 ENST00000393495 ENSP00000377133 protein_coding
FOXP2-205 ENST00000403100 ENSP00000384090 protein_coding
FOXP2-206 ENST00000403611 ENSP00000385497 protein_coding
FOXP2-207 ENST00000408937 ENSP00000386200 protein_coding

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Exons: 18 Transcript length: 3,691 bps Translation length: 629 residues


This transcript is a member of the Human CCDS set: CCDS5761


Known protein coding

Prediction Method
Transcripts were annotated by the Ensembl genebuild.