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Transcript: Tmco4-201 (ENSMUST00000084208)

Transmembrane and coiled-coil domain-containing protein 4 [Source:UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot;Acc:Q91WU4]

Chromosome 4: 138,528,820-138,615,079 forward strand.

This transcript is a product of gene ENSMUSG00000041143 - There are 3 transcripts in this gene:

Name Transcript ID Protein ID Description
Tmco4-001 ENSMUST00000043042 ENSMUSP00000041388 protein_coding
Tmco4-002 ENSMUST00000050949 ENSMUSP00000059320 protein_coding
Tmco4-201 ENSMUST00000084208 ENSMUSP00000081226 protein_coding

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Exons: 16 Transcript length: 3,147 bps Translation length: 362 residues


Known protein coding

Prediction Method
Transcripts were annotated by the Ensembl genebuild.