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Ensembl Developers' Workshop 2008

Ensembl announces a workshop for developers that will take place at the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus in Hinxton in September (Sunday 14th - Monday 16th), following the Genome Informatics meeting.

As this workshop is aimed at developers, we will be exploring Ensembl beyond using the website. Participants will be expected to have experience in writing Perl programs and a background in object oriented programming techniques. Familiarity with databases (MySQL) would be an advantage.

Several Ensembl developers will present sessions on how to create your own resources based on our APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and how to extend the Ensembl system.

The course will start Sunday afternoon and finish on Tuesday at lunch time, and will be in the IT Training Room at the EBI.

  • Bronwen Aken
  • Xose Fernandez
  • Paul Flicek
  • Nathan Johnson
  • Javier Herrero
  • Anne Parker
  • Jan-Hinnerk Vogel

At the end of this course, attendees will

  • have a good understanding of Ensembl's annotation pipeline;
  • know how to customise a local installation of the Ensembl website;
  • and have hands-on experience with the annotation pipeline.

There is no registration fee to attend this course, but you will have to register. To register your interest to attend send an email to Xosé M. Fernández (, with your details.

We will circulate an agenda amongst participants.

We are grateful to CSHL & Wellcome Trust Conference Centre for their help in organising this course.

The Ensembl Team