TOC for bioperl-live::Bio::Biblio
ArticleRepresentation of a general article
BiblioBaseAn abstract base for other biblio classes
BookRepresentation of a book
BookArticleRepresentation of a book article
IOHandling the bibliographic references
JournalRepresentation of a journal
JournalArticleRepresentation of a journal article
MedlineArticleRepresentation of a MEDLINE article
MedlineBookRepresentation of a MEDLINE book
MedlineBookArticleRepresentation of a MEDLINE book article
MedlineJournalRepresentation of a MEDLINE journal
MedlineJournalArticleRepresentation of a MEDLINE journal article
OrganisationRepresentation of an organisation
PatentRepresentation of a patent
PersonRepresentation of a person
ProceedingRepresentation of a conference proceeding
ProviderRepresentation of a general provider
PubmedArticleRepresentation of a PUBMED article
PubmedBookArticleRepresentation of a PUBMED book article
PubmedJournalArticleRepresentation of a PUBMED journal article
RefRepresentation of a bibliographic reference
ServiceRepresentation of a provider of type service
TechReportRepresentation of a technical report
ThesisRepresentation of thesis
WebResourceRepresentation of a web resource