Raw content of Bio::DB::GFF::Adaptor::ace package Bio::DB::GFF::Adaptor::ace; =head1 NAME Bio::DB::GFF::Adaptor::ace -- ace interface (for multiple inheritance) =head1 SYNOPSIS Pending See L<Bio::DB::GFF> and L<Bio::DB::GFF::Adaptor::dbi::mysql> =head1 SEE ALSO L<Bio::DB::GFF>, L<bioperl> =head1 AUTHOR Lincoln Stein E<lt>lstein@cshl.orgE<gt>. Copyright (c) 2002 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. =cut use strict; use Ace; use Bio::DB::GFF::Util::Rearrange; # for rearrange() sub dna_db { my $self = shift; my $d = $self->{dna_db}; $self->{dna_db} = shift if @_; $d; } sub acedb { my $self = shift; my $d = $self->{acedb}; $self->{acedb} = shift if @_; $d; } =head2 freshen_ace Title : freshen Usage : $flag = Bio::DB::GFF->freshen_ace; Function: Refresh internal acedb handle Returns : flag if correctly freshened Args : none Status : Public ACeDB has an annoying way of timing out, leaving dangling database handles. This method will invoke the ACeDB reopen() method, which causes dangling handles to be refreshed. It has no effect if you are not using ACeDB to create ACeDB objects. =cut sub freshen_ace { my $acedb = shift->acedb or return; $acedb->reopen(); } 1;