Raw content of Bio::DB::GFF::Aggregator::match =head1 NAME Bio::DB::GFF::Aggregator::match -- Match aggregator =head1 SYNOPSIS use Bio::DB::GFF; # Open the sequence database my $db = Bio::DB::GFF->new( -adaptor => 'dbi:mysql', -dsn => 'dbi:mysql:elegans42', -aggregator => ['match'], ); ------------------------------------------------- Aggregator method: match Main method: match Sub methods: similarity HSP ------------------------------------------------- =head1 DESCRIPTION This aggregator is used for Sequence Ontology-compatible gapped alignments, in which there is a single top-level alignment called "match" and a series of subalignments called either "similarity" or "HSP". Also see the "alignment" aggregator. =cut package Bio::DB::GFF::Aggregator::match; use strict; use Bio::DB::GFF::Aggregator; use vars qw(@ISA); @ISA = qw(Bio::DB::GFF::Aggregator); =head2 method Title : method Usage : $aggregator->method Function: return the method for the composite object Returns : the string "match" Args : none Status : Public =cut sub method { 'match' } =head2 part_names Title : part_names Usage : $aggregator->part_names Function: return the methods for the sub-parts Returns : the list "similarity", "HSP" Args : none Status : Public =cut sub part_names { return qw(similarity HSP); } =head2 main_name Title : main_name Usage : $aggregator->main_name Function: return the method for the main component Returns : the string "match" Args : none Status : Public =cut sub main_name { return 'match'; } sub require_whole_object {1} 1; __END__ =head1 BUGS None reported. =head1 SEE ALSO L<Bio::DB::GFF>, L<Bio::DB::GFF::Aggregator> =head1 AUTHOR Lincoln Stein E<lt>lstein@cshl.orgE<gt>. Copyright (c) 2001 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. =cut