Raw content of Bio::DB::GFF::Aggregator::none =head1 NAME Bio::DB::GFF::Aggregator::none -- No aggregation =head1 SYNOPSIS use Bio::DB::GFF; # Open the sequence database my $db = Bio::DB::GFF->new( -adaptor => 'dbi:mysql', -dsn => 'dbi:mysql:elegans42', -aggregator => 'none' ); =head1 DESCRIPTION Bio::DB::GFF::Aggregator::none can be used to indicate that you do not want any aggregation performed. It is equivalent to providing undef to the B<-aggregator> argument. It overrides disaggregate() and aggregate() so that they do exactly nothing. =cut package Bio::DB::GFF::Aggregator::none; use strict; use Bio::DB::GFF::Aggregator; use vars qw(@ISA); @ISA = qw(Bio::DB::GFF::Aggregator); sub disaggregate { my $self = shift; my $types = shift; # no change } sub aggregate { my $self = shift; my $features = shift; return; # no change } 1;