Raw content of Bio::LiveSeq::Intron # $Id: Intron.pm,v 1.7 2001/06/18 08:27:53 heikki Exp $ # # bioperl module for Bio::LiveSeq::Intron # # Cared for by Joseph Insana <insana@ebi.ac.uk> <jinsana@gmx.net> # # Copyright Joseph Insana # # You may distribute this module under the same terms as perl itself # # POD documentation - main docs before the code =head1 NAME Bio::LiveSeq::Intron - Range abstract class for LiveSeq =head1 SYNOPSIS # documentation needed =head1 DESCRIPTION Class for INTRON objects. They consist of a beginlabel, an endlabel (both referring to a LiveSeq DNA object) and a strand. The strand could be 1 (forward strand, default), -1 (reverse strand). =head1 AUTHOR - Joseph A.L. Insana Email: Insana@ebi.ac.uk, jinsana@gmx.net Address: EMBL Outstation, European Bioinformatics Institute Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton Cambs. CB10 1SD, United Kingdom =head1 APPENDIX The rest of the documentation details each of the object methods. Internal methods are usually preceded with a _ =cut # Let the code begin... package Bio::LiveSeq::Intron; $VERSION=1.0; # Version history: # Mon Mar 20 22:26:13 GMT 2000 v 1.0 begun use strict; use vars qw($VERSION @ISA); use Bio::LiveSeq::Range 1.2; # uses Range, inherits from it @ISA=qw(Bio::LiveSeq::Range); =head2 new Title : new Usage : $intron1=Bio::LiveSeq::Intron->new(-seq => $objref, -start => $startlabel, -end => $endlabel, -strand => 1 ); Function: generates a new Bio::LiveSeq::Intron Returns : reference to a new object of class Intron Errorcode -1 Args : two labels and an integer =cut 1;