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Package variables
No package variables defined.
    use Bio::EnsEMBL::Analysis:Config::ImportAarrys;
This contains the configuration for importing arrays from flat files.
It is entirely dependant on the arrays.env environment which can be used
to set up and run the pipeline in an easy and interactive way. This contains
all possible configurations which will then be set dynamically by the RunnableDB
for each instance using the input_id as a key into a separate ImportArrays.conf
file, listed here as ARRAY_FORMAT_FILE.
The layout of the configuration is a set of hashes,
each one keyed by logic name. There is also a DEFAULT hash,
which is used as the default for all logic names (this
was the configuration pattern stolen from Exonerate2Genes,
although in this case it's very unlikely you will need to have
different configs by logic name).
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Methods description
None available.
Methods code
sub import {
  my ($callpack) = caller(0); # Name of the calling package
my $pack = shift; # Need to move package off @_
# Get list of variables supplied, or else everything
my @vars = @_ ? @_ : keys( %Config ); return unless @vars; # Predeclare global variables in calling package
eval "package $callpack; use vars qw(" . join(' ', map { '$'.$_ } @vars) . ")"; die $@ if $@; foreach (@vars) { if ( defined $Config{$_} ) { no strict 'refs'; # Exporter does a similar job to the following
# statement, but for function names, not
# scalar variables:
*{"${callpack}::$_"} =\$ Config{ $_ }; } else { die "Error: Config: $_ not known\n"; } } } 1;
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