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Package variables
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This file contains the necessary configuration for running cDNA_update
for both human and mouse cDNAs. You should read this POD along with
the POD for cDNA_update for an overview of the cDNA_update process.
As in all configurations there is a default section containg all
variables that are required, followed by the individual settings for
human and mouse. Which species to use is set when cDNA_update.pl is
Note that the import subroutine is slightly different to the method
usually used for importing the configurations as the cDNA_update
procedure itself doesn't follow a regular genebuild pipeline.
Some variables are pre-defined in the default section, these should
not require minimal modicifations once they have been set. The user
section will change every time the procedure is run.
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Methods description
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Methods code
sub import {
  my ($callpack) = caller(0); # Name of the calling package
my $pack = shift; # Need to move package off @_
# Get list of variables supplied, or else
# all of General:
my @vars = @_ ? @_ : keys( %Config ); return unless @vars; # Predeclare global variables in calling package
eval "package $callpack; use vars qw(" . join(' ', map { '$'.$_ } @vars) . ")"; die $@ if $@; foreach my $var (@vars) { if ( defined $Config{ $var } ) { no strict 'refs'; foreach my $key (keys %{$Config{$var}}) { # Exporter does a similar job to the following
# statement, but for function names, not
# scalar variables:
*{"${callpack}::$key"} =\$ Config{$var}{$key}; } } else { die "Error: Config: $var not known\n"; } } } 1;
General documentation
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