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Customizing and Extending Ensembl

The Ensembl webcode is designed to extensible, so that other projects can customize their own installation without their changes being overwritten when they update to a new release.

The Ensembl system of plugins allow a range of customizations:

  • The public-plugins/mirror plugin enables you to apply your own server settings (domain name, admin email address, database names and passwords) to a standard install of Ensembl
  • You can further use this plugin to operate a cut-down version of Ensembl with fewer species
  • By creating your own plugin, you can completely change the available species, alter the colour scheme or page template, or add your own views and static content.

Some tutorials on customizing your site are given below - if you have any further questions, please do contact us via the development mailing list.

More about plugins →

Important note: Regardless of any changes you may make to your Ensembl website, you must check out all the api code, as it is not pluggable. The web code will not work if you only have some of the API sections installed..