TOC for bioperl-live::Bio::Graphics::Glyph
FactoryFactory for Bio::Graphics::Glyph objects
alignmentThe "alignment" glyph
anchored_arrowThe "anchored_arrow" glyph
arrowThe "arrow" glyph
boxThe "box" glyph
cdsThe "cds" glyph
crossboxThe "crossbox" glyph
diamondThe "diamond" glyph
dnaThe "dna" glyph
dotThe "dot" glyph
ellipseThe "ellipse" glyph
exThe "crossbox" glyph
extending_arrow- The "extending arrow" glyph
genericThe "generic" glyph
graded_segmentsThe "graded_segments" glyph
groupThe "group" glyph
heterogeneous_segmentsThe "heterogeneous_segments" glyph
lineThe "line" glyph
ovalThe "oval" glyph
pinsertionThe "Drosophila P-element Insertion" glyph
primersThe "STS primers" glyph
processed_transcriptThe sequence ontology transcript glyph
redgreen_boxThe "redgreen_box" glyph
redgreen_segmentThe "redgreen_segments" glyph
rndrectThe "round rect" glyph
ruler_arrowThe "ruler_arrow" glyph
segmented_keyglyphThe "segmented_keyglyph" glyph
segmentsThe "segments" glyph
spanThe "span" glyph
splice_siteThe "splice_site" glyph
toomanyThe "too many to show" glyph
trackThe "track" glyph
transcriptThe "transcript" glyph
transcript2The "transcript2" glyph
translationThe "6-frame translation" glyph
triangleThe "triangle" glyph
xyplotThe xyplot glyph