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 Title   : new
Usage : $proc = new Bio::Search::Processor -file => $filename,
-algorithm => 'Algorithm' ;
Function: Used to specify and initialize a data processor of search
algorithm results.
Returns : A processor specific to the algorithm type, if it exists.
Args : -file => filename
-algorithm => algorithm specifier
-fh => filehandle to attach to (file or fh required)
Methods code
sub new {
    my $type = shift;
    my $proc;
    my ($module, $load, $algorithm);

    my %args = @_;

    exists $args{'-algorithm'} or do { 
	print STDERR "Must supply an algorithm!";
	return undef;

    $algorithm = $args{'-algorithm'} || $args{'-ALGORITHM'};

    $module = "_<Bio/Search/Processor/$";
    $load = "Bio/Search/Processor/$";

    unless ( $main::{$module} ) {
	eval { require $load; };
	if ( $@ ) {
	    print STDERR <<"EOF";
$load: $algorithm cannot be found
Exception $@
For more information about the Search/Processor system please see the
Processor docs. This includes ways of checking for processors at
compile time, not run time
return undef; } } $proc = "Bio::Search::Processor::$algorithm"->new(@_); return $proc; } 1;
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