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Module to create a standardized, quick'n'dirty interface to MySQL databases To use this module and its associated modules, you need the following: 1. A controller script, e.g. perl/common/my_database 2. In Configuration::[ObjectType], a method named 'interface_menu', with links to script e.g. '/common/my_database?dataview=add' '/common/my_database?dataview=select_to_edit' '/common/my_database?dataview=select_to_delete' 3. An adaptor containing methods to insert and update (and optionally delete) the records to be manipulated, including setting user and timestamp fields where appropriate



  • DESTROY (EnsEMBL::Web::Document::WebPage)
  • add_error_panels (EnsEMBL::Web::Document::WebPage)
  • command (EnsEMBL::Web::Document::WebPage)
  • configure (EnsEMBL::Web::Document::WebPage)
  • dataObjects (EnsEMBL::Web::Document::WebPage)
  • factory (EnsEMBL::Web::Document::WebPage)
  • format (EnsEMBL::Web::Document::WebPage)
  • get_user_id (EnsEMBL::Web::Document::WebPage)
  • groups (EnsEMBL::Web::Document::WebPage)
  • has_a_problem (EnsEMBL::Web::Document::WebPage)
  • has_fatal_problem (EnsEMBL::Web::Document::WebPage)
  • has_problem_type (EnsEMBL::Web::Document::WebPage)
  • page (EnsEMBL::Web::Document::WebPage)
  • problem (EnsEMBL::Web::Document::WebPage)
  • redirect (EnsEMBL::Web::Document::WebPage)
  • render (EnsEMBL::Web::Document::WebPage)
  • render_error_page (EnsEMBL::Web::Document::WebPage)
  • render_popup (EnsEMBL::Web::Document::WebPage)
  • restrict (EnsEMBL::Web::Document::WebPage)
  • species_defs (EnsEMBL::Web::Document::WebPage)
  • static_links (EnsEMBL::Web::Document::WebPage)
  • timer (EnsEMBL::Web::Document::WebPage)
  • timer_push (EnsEMBL::Web::Document::WebPage)
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    Object Instantiation
    Arg[1]Arg[1]: hash of parameters, keys include; scriptname : name of the calling script (def $ENV{'ENSEMBL_SCRIPT'}) cgi : CGI object (def CGI->new) renderer : E::W::Document::Renderer:: to use (def Apache) doctype : E::W::Document:: to use (def Dynamic) outputtype : The output type, e.g. XML, DAS (def HTML). the doctype module needs an _initialise_ method. outputtype_version : e.g. XML/HTML version for page headers, passed to _initialise_, often refers to a DTD. objecttype : E::W::Object:: fast : Hint to the object factory to use fastCreateObjects method. Certain CGI object pamams can also affect object instantiation; _format : see _format_version : see

    Inherited from EnsEMBL::Web::Document::WebPage
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    Performs a built-in action if available, or displays an error page.
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    Creates a new Proxy::Object, configures context menus and does some error checking N.B. Doesn't render page - that is done after the interface is defined
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