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Ensembl Variation

Database Description

The Ensembl Variation database stores two types of variation data, depending it comes from an external source or data it is calculated on site.

  • Data imported from external sources (dbSNP, Sanger,...):
    • SNPS, in-dels
    • Locations for variations
    • Alleles
    • Populations
    • Genotypes
  • Calculated data:
    • Consequence of variations in transcripts (synonymous, non-synonymous,...)
    • Linkage disequilibrium information
    • Tagged variations
    • Read coverage data

Database Schema

The table layout of the database, with all the tables, fields and relationships, is found in the following pdf:

Perl API

A comprehensive Perl Application Programme Interface (API) provides efficient access to the Ensembl Variation database.

Ensembl Software Support

Ensembl is an open project and we would like to encourage correspondence and discussions on any subject on any aspect of Ensembl. Please see the Ensembl Contacts page for suitable options getting in touch with us.