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Ensembl Control Panel

Our new 'Control Panel' puts all your configuration options in one place:

Configure page

This section allows you to set some overall options for the pages, such as image widths. It only appears on pages that have one or more configurable images.

Panel configuration

Each image has its own configuration section - for example on 'Region in detail' you will see two tabs, 'Main panel' and 'Top panel'. In each section, you can turn on tracks, and even customise the way each track is displayed:

Please note that we have temporarily disabled the option to save configurations to your account, as the old configurations are not compatible with the updated code. This functionality will be reinstated very soon - in the meantime, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

screenshot of control panel

Custom data

You can add your own tracks to Ensembl, either by uploading your own data files to our server, or by attaching data via URL (UCSC-style) or DAS.

Note that you do not need to be logged into your Ensembl account in order to attach DAS sources or upload data. However you can save the information in your Ensembl account if you so wish, and access it from any computer.

Your account

From this page you can manage all aspects of your Ensembl account, from changing your password to adding, sharing or deleting bookmarks.

Please note that we have temporarily disabled group management in this release - the group functionality will be reinstated very soon. If you have already created a group, you can use any shared bookmarks, but you cannot create new groups or invite new members to join.