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Ensembl Tutorials and Worked Examples

Please note that our tutorials are being revised to reflect the new site design.

Video tutorials

The tutorials listed below are Flash animations of some of our training presentations. We are gradually adding to the list, so please check back regularly.

Title File size (MB) Running time (minutes)
Browsing Ensembl 8.5 5:26
Region in Detail 27.5 3:12
Supporting Evidence for a Gene 24.5 3:25
Introduction to BioMart 15 4:27

Please note that files can be large, so if you are on a dialup connection or a long way from the UK, playback may be jerky. In this case, you may find it easier to view these tutorials on YouTube:

Coursebooks and online documentation

Using the Ensembl genome browser

The following examples are available in PDF format:

Printable mini-course

Educational resources

The 2Can Project at the EBI provides beginners' guides to cell biology, genetics, and bioinformatics, as well as teachers' packs and more advanced information.


The following examples are available in PDF format:

Data Access with the Ensembl Perl API

API tutorials are available in HTML format: